We are a behavioral insights and innovation practice

At Howard Delafield International, we work hand-in-hand with local communities, governments, and the private sector to use discovery and creativity to find solutions to pressing, and often complex challenges.

Our mission

Howard Delafield International is a women-owned consultancy founded in 1995 to bring together diverse expertise united by a commitment to building a better world by positively impacting the health and well-being of under-served people and communities.

Creative & experienced

Creative and experienced We have practiced creative problem-solving for 25 years throughout the globe. Our work includes designing programs and projects in; infectious diseases; nutrition; maternal, neonatal and child health; emerging pandemic threats; environmental conservation, Water, and Sanitation; Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment; Democracy, Human Rights and Governance; and family planning and reproductive health.

This experience has taught us that the path to solutions that last starts with the needs, aspirations, and knowledge of the population being served and requires an understanding of the intrinsic link between health, environmental, social, and economic challenges. We have also learned that transformative change has to include meeting populations where they are, including where they work, live and play through workplace and community initiatives.

Academics & entrepreneurs

Today, we continue to break new ground. We are leading a direct-to-consumer initiative that is putting video game technology to work to increase fertility awareness and reproductive health knowledge among adolescents in India. This project is in alignment with our ongoing commitment to using discovery and decision-making tools to affect global health results.

Nimble & trustworthy

We build nimble teams that foster innovation and lasting change by achieving the right mix of local and global knowledge and public and private expertise. We keep the communities we serve at the center of everything we do. And we do what we say we’re going to do. We ensure the innovations we help create result in real change for people who are too often the last to benefit from the world’s best solutions.

Our approach is powered by people and possibility

Our solutions to challenges, big or small, are informed by empathy, energized by curiosity, and driven by pragmatic optimism. We understand that people, and the communities they share with one another, are complex. This reality underpins the way we meet the demands of behavior and social change challenges in an interconnected world.

We apply systems-thinking and an integrative approach to generate new ways to solve problems and grow local capacities to help ensure that the solutions we produce are viable, scalable and sustainable.

We are most proud of our commitment to transferring our knowledge and skills. It’s what we leave behind to help build resilient communities.

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    We use our expertise in the behavioral sciences to produce actionable insights.

  • games


    We employ serious games and gamification for behavior change, learning, and development

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    We create media arts to influence beliefs, attitudes, and social norms

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    We apply market know-how to develop innovations informed by people’s needs and aspirations.

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    We scale and sustain initiatives through strong partnerships, skills development, and community engagement.